World’s Largest Nerf Gun

OK, so I was just browsing some stuff on youtube and I came across this crazy shit: I give you the world’s largest Nef Gun powewed by a 3000psi paintball cylinder lol. Now where can I buy one for my nephew’s birthday?

What to Look for in a Mobile Hairdresser

Hair-style-1-300x200Are you looking for a mobile hair dresser in Harrogate? This article will help you with some of the things you need to look to ensure you get a good one who will make your hair look great. Before going deep into that, it is first important look who is a mobile hairdresser. This is a hair dresser who does not operate from a fixed location, but works by visiting clients at their places of work or homes. This means that by making use of a mobile hair dresser you will get the services at an agreed venue instead of a beauty shop or a hair salon.


When to consider having a mobile hair stylist


The services of a mobile hairdresser Harrogate may be required during different situations. For example, if you are too busy at your workplace and do not have time to visit a salon, you can get make an appointment with a hair stylists to come and make your hair at your workplace as you continue doing your work. The services may also be required where there is a wedding when it may be inconvenient for the bride to travel to a beauty or hair salon to have her make up or hair done. This will save the bride the time wasted to move to the salon and then back to wear her wedding gown. A mobile hair stylist may also be required in various facilities such as prisons, care homes, hospitals or other facilities where personal attention is needed.


What you should expect


A good Harrogate mobile hairdresser should have the skills and qualities just like other salon hairdressers. He or she should have all the qualifications of a professional hair dresser, just that he or she offers mobile hair dressing services. They must be able to make use of all the equipments required to make your hair or makeup safely and effectively. The hair stylist must be able to give you that perfect new look and offer you customized hair styles according to your specific beauty specifics. The mobile hair dresser should come with all the required tools for whatever hair styling process to be performed. The tools required include blow dryers, flat and curling irons, colorants and gels and even a washing basin. All the tools must be clean and sanitized as a matter of hair dressing hygiene.


Check for professional appearance


A mobile hairdresser must wear professional clothing that is fit for their work. He or she must be tidy and clean, presentable with a stylish hairstyle. The hairdresser must present him or herself professionally. A mobile hairdresser with own transport will be more effective than those using public means of transport which may cause delays and other inconveniences.


A mobile hairdresser should have all the prerequisite qualifications


Just like with hairdressers, a mobile hairstylist should possess formal hairdressing qualifications from recognized institutions. There are a lot of vocational training institutions offering hair dressing courses, so lack of qualifications should not be an excuse. A qualified mobile hairdresser has the ability to offer high quality services than those without any qualifications.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – BEST LIFE ADVICE (Bodybuilding and Success)


The above video is some self development/life advice form one of the most successful men on the planet – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not many people know that Arnold was a successful business man a long time before he was famous and saw body building as his ticket to America and fame.

Some Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Developing a feature wall is a perfect way to add character to your kitchen and make a statement. To make your kitchen look more elegant, make use of patterned and colorful wallpaper that are specifically designed for kitchens, distinctive splash-back or tiles to develop a focal point.


About Lighting

With careful lighting, you can totally change the feel of your kitchen no matter its size. Using lights or spotlights under the counter can add a contemporary touch. On the other hands, pendant lights can make the kitchen have a country element. Get an electrician or hire the best builders in the HarrogateĀ area, so that to have your lights installed in a professional manner and to have that lighting design you want to have in your kitchen.


The Flooring

The choice of your flooring can influence the feel of your room. Vinyl flooring is the most effective flooring that can still make your kitchen look great. If you have a large budget, you can use natural materials such as wood or stone which are more costly. To reduce the cost, you should find bargains or purchase second hand flooring materials.

If you do not knowledge on the best ways to design your new kitchen, there are a lot of resources you can use to learn the ideas. You can also seek assistance from professional kitchen designers, a local plumber in York or builder for more ideas.

Home Remedies for Dandruff

Having problems with dandruff? Check out this video for some simple home remedies to solve your problem. Alternatively, ask your hairdresser about what products you can buy to help get rid of your dandruff.

Techniques to Maintain A Laptop Operating Smoothly

So number of folks claim that they abhor pcs. They say: A pc seems to have a thoughts of its personal, it hardly ever does anything you want it to try and do, and seems to do whatever it wants. A computer, any laptop is only an easy piece of equipment, it’s constructed to perform whatever you need it to undertake. They’re coded to act in a sure manner, akin to a robot, they can’t alter its thoughts or accomplish whatever it desires. You’ve gotten most likely noticed that although your pc has greater than sufficient space in your hard drive and your reminiscence is large enough to handle, yet it’s slow. Well, like all device, computer systems additionally want common protection. Any appliance, electrical, digital or mechanized, wants common preservation. Otherwise, it will stop working. This is what I do to keep my own computer up to date and working effectively.

I’ve Windows seven on my laptop, but nearly all operating systems run kind of the same, so the computer ought to have the ability to function along with your operating system. The very first thing to verify, is the submitting system, it should be NTFS, which suggests “Contemporary Technology Submitting Method. Every computer systems come installed with this filing classification, but if not, you will have to alter it. Ask around, someone ought to have the opportunity that will help you with it. To maneuver on, in the left bottom nook on your pc, click on on the start push button. Next, click on on the computer key on the right hand side of the every one softwares button. You will notice here, Home windows C Click on on that to focus on that software. After that, click on on the correct key in your touch pad, followed by on the bottom, find anything it states. If there may be not a tick mark at the bottom the place it tells you to do Zip the drive to save the disk capacity. It may require an excellent hardly any time for it to try this, perhaps two hours, then you definitely push Okay below.

One other dialogue box will appear, and you will note that it is engaged working. Yet one more interface opens up, simply click on on the key which states Yes to all. Once the small interface disappears, at that time the arduous hdd has completed zipping the files. What it’s essential to complete subsequent to that’s run the hdd clear, that can be found on the identical display. Click on this display, next another little display will appear, which exhibits that it’s calculating and evaluating your drive. After that, another display appears. Be sure that to note all the pieces present by means of a check, after which click on the OK key on the underneath. Another screen motivation begin telling you Are you positive you need to delete these records data. Click yes, and then but one other window will launch where you will see where those pointless records data are gone.

The next thing it is advisable to do after that, is to copy the pieces of the information in the appropriate locations. During the primary view, click on the program at the prime that indicates Accessories. Here you can discover an application that tells you to Defragment immediately. Click on this, and one other interface stating defragment disk drive. Highlight Windows c and click Fix hdd on the bottom proper place. That may also need a couple of hrs, but let it to run totally. Afterward, boot up your computer, so will probably be running faster plus more efficiently. Take pleasure in your notebook.